The Power Of The $1 Retweet

Crowdfunding is the collective cooperation of people who network via the internet, to pool together money and resources to support efforts of people or organizations.

At least $1 from each person from my theory I’m about to explain can go a long way. Lets use Twitter for this theory of mines. I have 200 plus Twitter followers. If each of them gives $1, that is $200 made at least. If they retweet my link and ten of their followers give $1, that is around $2,000. Just like that $2,200 is made so far. This can be applied to selling a product, service, or trying to raise funds. This all depends on having supportive followers who wants to give and who will retweet.

The average person spends $1 on a lotto ticket, vending machine snacks, fast food, cup of coffee, bottle water, gum, and etc. One dollar can add up if the power of the retweet is used right.

Right now I am running a fundraiser on Trip Raiser to help me raise funds for my trip to Japan and Italy in September. I’m calling my trip Ninjas In Japan and my goal is to raise $3,000 by August 30 of this year. If you donate just a $1 and retweet or repost this blog. That will help me prove my retweet theory does work.

Thanks for reading and retweet.

by Jason V. Holmes

aka, Von Nola


The End of the Caveman Pt 1: Von Nola Art of Shaving


by Von Nola

I feel a man’s face says a lot about them without a man even having to speak. The mustache, chin strap, soul patch, or the bald face help defines a man’s face. Along with defining the face it can also give off a good or bad first impression depending on each individual man’s facial grooming practices. Regardless of what style you pick, maintaining your facial hair can be a daunting task.

My Shaving Kit

Before I even start the facial lawn work on my face, I clean off the landscape with facial wipes that helps fight acne. One of my old barbers gave me this tip about the cleaning the face first. She said it is good to clean your face before you shave because there are germs that can get under your skin when you shave and cause your face to break out. Ever since I learned this, I clean my face before and after I shave.

Stridex works great.

After I clean my face with a good acne treatment first. I use a face scrub to help get rid of dead skin cells and smooth out the rough patches on your face. Face scrubs before you shave helps cut down on razor bumps after you shave as well. Doing this also helps makes your face look less dull, baby soft smooth, and a new face.

A good face scrub cream works.

Now that that the prep works is done. It is time to get to cut the hair. I use an electric razor or hair edges first before I shave. I found using clippers before I use a razor helps cut down on razor bumps too. I also get a closer and cleaner shave when I use the blade after the electric razor.

The Electric Razor

Some men can dry shave, use water only, or just use shaving cream/gel. Depending on how long the hair on my face is, I would just use warm to hot water with my razor blade. Most of the time I use shaving gel because water dry up to fast. In addition, the chances of getting razor bumps are high for some who do this. Just use shaving cream or gel when you shave your face.

Shaving Gel

Like I mention earlier, maintaining your facial hair style can be a daunting task. Having to clean and scrub your face before and after you shave. Then having to use multiple devices to shave your facial hair and along with picking the right facial cream to assists your blade. All of this just to keep your face from looking like a Nestle Crunch bar because a grown man with a Nestle Crunch bar face isn’t a good look.


Super Squirrel by Zalmenta V. Lyon

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Zalmenta Verlnee Lyon, 21, student, citizen of the US. I currently work at a travel agency inching towards global freedom. I’m here to write, and you are here to enjoy.

Aaron Dais, a young southern gentleman on his way to artistic recognition with a retro, classic vibe to all that he produces. As long as I have known him, his eyes lead the curiosity of something great. His works include sculptures, drawings, t-shirts as well as fitted caps.  A recent graduate from University of South Alabama expressed to me that his perception of art has expanded, from creating on material canvases to manifesting his visions on the big screen. “I’ve become more involved in photography, filming and editing. My career path is acting.”  

Everyone has their own super hero. As for Aaron, it’s his alter ego – Super Squirrel. ‘Super Squirrel’ is far from being facially challenged, and his determination to portray life through his eyes by all means possible. His first love for art was inspired by a style of Japanese characters, and how their emotion and movement came to life from paper. Aaron’s inspiration lies in his freedom to express what he wants, with whatever medium his heart chooses. I asked If he gives himself time limits on producing a specific art: “I feel one may pressure them self and rush their work resulting in a finish piece you don’t like. When I work, I like to set my mind to ‘no limits’. Can’t be afraid to make mistakes sometime” 

Currently Aaron is working on projects that I personally will supportively stay tuned. A leadership summer camp for fatherless young men sits on his desk today, as well as a pending job transfer to Atlanta. A humbled spirit, with a brilliant mind, equipped with a kind heart…God created a creative monster. “I stated before some time not too long ago, “Things may not always happen when you want them to, but as long as you keep believing, stay motivated, and your head facing forward, things will work out for the best.” Been frustrated lately, it happens…. But I still believe….. Faith without works is dead, so on to my next move… I’ve been shown what I need, I’ll get it eventually…” Just like his professors and art teachers told him to aim high, beyond imagination. His ultimate piece of art would be a 2D drawing that was colorful and later created into a sculpture.  Five years from now, the 23 yr. old predicts his life to be a married man, acting as his profession, and continually creating art, which he loves the most.

You can find Aaron Dais on:

Instagram: @aaron_dais

Twitter: @Aaron_Dais

Story by Zalmenta V. Lyon
Twitter @MzZiggi3

Von Nola’s Blog Picks For the Week #7

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ハイな気分は自信から (High Off Confidence)




















High Off Confidence


Head up, back straight, shoulders back, and walk like you got this.

Be the reason to turn heads because you are giving off so much confidence.

Strut your stuff and don’t have no shame in doing it.

Don’t ever settle for being another face in the crowd.

Be the star that lights up a gloomy room.

Be the one that can move the crowd.

Be proud to have so much confidence.

Don’t be discourage by those who lack it.

Instead inspire others to get their confidence levels up.

Be a breath of fresh air in a group when the air is thick with tension.

Be proud of your style because it’s your signature image.

Knock them off their feet when you smile.

Be inspiration to their ears when you speak.

Stay humble.

Stay kind.

Don’t allow your confidence to corrupt your thinking.

Faith in God and confidence in yourself is some keys to success.

物の見方 (Perception)













































by Neisha Rogers

Perception by Neisha Da Great

For a moment can you make an exception to your perceptions?

For a second, second guess if what’s really happening right now is really happening right now

Think about it, does what we see, really exist. Are we actually being?

Silly human beings. Walking this earth, feeling, perceiving, is your brain really receiving accurate information, or is it a figment of your imagination

Are you here, are you present, are you living in a dream world, or did you tell yourself that this is your reality, so let me ask you then why do you have to convince yourself that this is your reality, why can’t it just be a reality, because to convince to prove, to argue, to persuade.

So you are arguing and persuading yourself to believe in something you think, you know

How do you think you know, do you know that what you think, might not be. We create the world around us

Can you make sense of what your senses tell you since, that’s all you have to go off of, to touch, taste, smell, see, and hear transferring understanding to the particles of your brain in lightening speed.  Are we scared of, the what could be and could not be,

It’s crazy that mentally we believe we are here, but what if you were wrong, what if we don’t really exist what if everything in this space and time was fabricated.  Or do you care less about your awareness of your presence here, now

How can you explain, time? How can you explain a feeling that you get that we are not alone on this earth, that there is something bigger, greater, and UN denying deity here with us. You really can’t, its unexplainable, are feelings are interchangeable. One minute we are confident in what is, and the next we are not so sure.

If Dr. sues were still alive his next book would be oh these things these things, confusion they bring, what do these things seem to really mean.

What do all these things mean, what are the reasons?

Life is all about perceptions; it’s how you see things. It’s not about how things are, but how you choose to see them. How you make things seem

What is your perception on your self-esteem, do you see the glass half full or half empty

Do you look on the bright side, or wallow in the dark, do you see your life as a blessing, or do you fell in your own life, that you’re unworthy to play the part

How do you see yourself, how do you measure success, how do you handle your stress

Do you always wake up on the wrong side of the bed, well get up on the right side?

Do you easily get offended by something someone said, and do you hold grudges or you afraid of others judgments?

Well, don’t worry about what others think of you, because guess what,, they don’t know you, they don’t know what you’ve been through, they have no idea what it takes to wake up every day and be you, they only see you, they only perceive what they think of you

This is why I ask you, will you make an exception to your perceptions, just for a moment. Try to see yourself the way God sees you

He sees you as sons and daughters, loving you unconditionally, without reproach,

A 24 hour, 365 days a year God who’s easy to approach

He loves you whether you perform well in life or not, he loves you the same, his love goes unchanged

He sees himself in you; tell yourself, “that there is a little piece of God in me”

He sees victory with no ending,

He sees all things that are good

He sees you as first-class, as excellent, and superior, you are his own reflection

So like I said, just for a moment, make an exception to your perception of who you think you are, and see yourself the way God sees you

And maybe then, you can truly understand what it means to be you!

by Neisha Rogers

Not Cocky…Just Confident

Not Cocky…Just Confident

I found Egonomics Clothing or shall I say they found me first by my Instagram account (vonnola). They liked one of my pics and started following me. The user name drawn me into finding out more about who Egonomics was because it reminded me of my blog’s name “Hoodnomics.” So, I started researching this name and found out that it was a clothing brand. This drawn me in even more and I discovered that this is a new clothing brand that is stepping on the scene with confidence but no cockiness. If you didn’t know already. I like dealing with new and growing brands.

This brand idea started back in 2008 by two young people, who had the determination to make it big and stop working to make someone else rich. Their determination motivated them to start designing the logos and the clothes over the next couple of years. Then in 2011 Egonomics Clothing was legalized and open for business. It took some time but nothing happens over night. It takes time and planning to make your dream become a reality.

The Egonomics Clothing brand main focus is self-confidence. Because having confidence in yourself is what gives you the courage to go out and take action. Just like how the founders went out and started their own brand because they had the confidence to do so. Now they are very aware of the possible short life of a clothing line lasting an average of two years. To quote one of the founders…Jason said his partner and him were like “Fuck it! Go big or go home!” They are hungry. They are motivated. They are determine to make this brand become big. They are looking for the challenges of this clothing game and they will wrestle each one that steps up to the ground. With self-confidence this high, I feel they will make it.

“This is the message we want to deliver to our fans. With confidence everything is possible, just got to keep your head up and keep pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushingggggggggg.” –Egonomics Clothing

by Von Nola